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Each issue of The Rx Consultant delivers a fast-reading home study drug therapy program for a common condition, CE and expert advice for pharmacists and nursing professionals. INR is offering a discounted rate of 30% off the regular subscription price. A monthly print issue and unlimited access to the www.rxconsultant.com website are included.

* Over 100 Drug Therapy Updates
* CE - 50+ Hours Online
* Pharmacy News Briefs
* Patient Education Support
* Quick Facts, Charts & Tables
* Online CE Testing & Credit Delivery
* A Personal Account to Track CE

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Keeping Balance & Preventing Falls

Lists causes and health hazards of falls. Outlines methods of preventing falls among the elderly. Lists the techniques for improving balance among the elderly. Describes procedures to prevent falls and reduce the risks of injury.

Memory Loss & Forgetfulness

Identifies the memory changes that take place in normal aging. Discusses how mild cognitive impairment (MCI) differs from memory loss in normal aging and from dementia. Describes the cognitive and personality changes that take place in Alzheimer’s disease. Identifies cognitive and personality changes that occur in a range of non-Alzheimer’s disease dementias.

Brain Food

Discusses how foods and vitamins may improve memory and brain function. Describes how the DASH and Mediterranean diets may play a key role in brain health. Explains how food choices and supplements may play a role in Alzheimer’s disease and brain aging. Describes an optimal diet for brain health.
The RX Consultant - Monday, November 28, 2016

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