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Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements

Identifies the vitamins and minerals needed for growth and normal development. Summarizes the role of each of the essential vitamins and minerals in the body. Identifies the use and/or dangers of using supplements in all populations, from children to the elderly. Discusses the drawbacks/concerns of over-supplementation. Identifies the properties and concerns of herbal supplements. Summarizes government regulation of vitamins, supplements, and herbal supplements.

Water, Thirst & Dehydration

Defines thirst. Describes the hemodynamic, hormonal, and neurologic influences on thirst. Describes the habitual, environmental, and physiologic influences on water consumption. Lists some causes of polydipsia and adipsia. Compares the qualities of municipal drinking water and bottled water.

Weight Perfect, 2nd Edition

This home-study course describes the newest research on losing weight and maintaining weight loss for life. The book provides details about the connection between weight gain and medical conditions, and obesity and sleeplessness. It also gives information about popular weight loss plans, describes scientific studies on the effectiveness of these plans, and discusses research on the connection between emotions, cravings and overeating.

Your Mouth, Your Health - 2nd edition

Tooth decay could be a precursor to many health problems – notably obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Dental decay is the first to develop, and it predicts these and many other illnesses. That is because periodontitis, excess weight, hypertension, and other ailments such as hemorrhoids and deep venous thrombosis, often stem from the same cause: poor dietary choices. All dentists see the same patients again and again, suffering from plaque, cavities, infection – all of which are needless, preventable, and reversible. In this course, Dr. Somborac makes the connection between overall health and dental health. He describes how to prevent tooth decay and health decline, through easy-to-apply guidance you can use to help save patients` teeth and their lives.