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Elder Care

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Describes the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis and its main risk factors. Discusses the role of genetics, menopausal status, medical status and medication use as causative factors. Discusses the methods of diagnosing the disease and recommendations regarding the timing and use of tests for bone mineral density. Identifies the role of diet and exercise in the prevention and treatment of bone loss. Discusses the current research on hormone therapy in prevention. Discusses different treatment options including drug therapy, physical therapy and surgery.

Parkinson’s Disease & ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

Identifies typical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and ALS. Describes approaches to diagnosing Parkinson’s disease and ALS. Identifies available options for aiding patients with Parkinson’s disease or ALS, including medications, occupational and physical therapy, and assistive devices that may benefit a patient. Describes possible future therapeutic approaches for treating Parkinson’s disease and ALS.

Pet Therapy

Describes the aspects of the relationship between humans and their pets that contribute to health and well-being. Cites the scientific evidence on the relationship between pets, life, and health. Identifies the psychological basis for the relationship between humans and their pets. Describes the varying roles of pets as therapeutic agents.

Reducing Stress

Explains how the body responds to and processes stress. Identifies the impact of stress on risk for heart disease and the physiological mechanisms that may mediate this link. Describes the role stress may play in increasing risk for health problems across the life span. Identifies a number of interventions for reducing stress.

Skin Care, Allergies, & Wrinkles

Explains the diagnosis and newest treatments for skin conditions and skin allergies. Describes new laser treatments for wrinkles and other skin conditions. Lists the most effective preventive and treatment methods for skin cancer. Identifies coping strategies for patients with psychosocial issues caused by chronic skin conditions. Identifies future trends in medical and cosmetic skin treatments.

Social Anxiety

Defines social anxiety. Describes the symptoms of social anxiety. Identifies the causes of social anxiety. Describes the similarities and differences between shyness and social anxiety. Outlines the role of thinking in social anxiety. Describes strategies for coping with and reducing social anxiety.

Spirituality & Healing

Describes the increased interest in the relationship between religious belief and health in the United States. Discusses the findings and limitations of scientific studies that have linked longevity, health, and spirituality. Describes the controversy surrounding scientific studies on prayer. Identifies the role that individual spiritual beliefs may play in patients’ lives.

Stress & Depression

Defines stress, anxiety, and depression and discuss the differences among them. Identifies the physiological and emotional symptoms of stress, as well as common stress triggers. Discusses various techniques for coping with stress, such as stress management, complementary therapies, and psychotherapeutic approaches. Outlines the pharmacology, including side effects, of medical treatments for stress and depression.