Dental Series: #4 Understanding Delta Insurance Guidelines - Streaming Video (w/Home-study Exam)

This is recording Part 4 of 5 from a dental insurance series of live webinars by the renowned expert, Dr. Paul Bornstein, D.M.D, on the topics of fraud, dental coding, record-keeping, and insurance reimbursement. It is critical to the health and safety of your dental office/business to understand these topics.


  • How does dental insurance really work? 
  • Discover what you should have billed for but did not.
  • Identify “lost revenue.”
  • Understand CDT codes and ensure you are reimbursed.
  • Examine latest CDT code changs that will affect your practice.
  • Assess what you did bill for and what you should not have billed for. 
  • Avoid fraud. 
  • Determine whether your records will survive an audit.
  • Misunderstood periodontal coding.
  • And much, much more!


Program 4 of 5: Understanding Delta Insurance Guidelines

Learning Objective

  1. Review the trends in today’s contracts and analyze the language.

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Products specifications
Instructor P. Bornstein, D.M.D.
Contact Hours: 2
More Information About This Course: Understanding Delta Insurance Guidelines Accreditation PDF